Crowdfunding – a simple investment

By using a new technology called crowdfunding, Securinvest allows you to access property investments previously only available to professionals and the wealthy in a way which allows you to diversify, thereby reducing your risk.

We have selected and audited all the investments on Securinvest’s platform ourselves. All you need to do is choose which corresponds best to your own investment objectives.

Invest with only E1,000 in 3 simple steps


Create an account


Opening a Securinvest account is completely free, immediate and gives you access to information about the investments which are currently live. Your account will be active once your identity has been verified (48 hours from receipt of your documents).


Compare investments


This is the most important step: read carefully the literature put together by Securinvest and don’t hesitate to ask us questions. Compare projects and choose which best fit your investment objectives. Also read : Understanding the risks


Invest and start earning money


Submit your subscription for a project. You can fund your account by debit card or transfer. You’ll receive confirmation of your subscription once the minimum sum sought for the investment has been achieved.

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Property, a profitable investment

What asset offers the best returns with lower volatility?

Research comparing profits from 7 asset classes between 1980 and 2003 show an unambiguous result:

Return Return
Property High Faible
Stock Market High Forte
Government Bonds Faible Weak
Insurance policies Average low risk
Money Market funds Weak Very low to none
Bank account Weak Very low to none
Gold Historically weak High recent volatility

Source :ès (Sept. 2013)

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