Simple, safe and profitable investments

Crowdfunding allows you to invest in property projects which used to be available only to professionals or high net worth individuals. Securinvest has selected for you simple, profitable, and low-risk investments.


You want to invest money but don’t understand stock markets? The answer is an investment in bricks and mortar which is easy to understand and safe. Securinvest’s low initial investment size allows you to diversify your property portfolio across investments like the wealthy, thereby lowering your risk.


Property is a low-risk and profitable investment.  Futhermore, our platform is entirely online, without intermediaries, which allows us to offer provisional returns of between 8 and 12%.  How much are you making in your savings account?


Everything can be done online 24/7.  Projects are described in simple terms with risks clearly explained.  Take time to compare investments and ask questions.  Our team is here to answer them.  You can invest from as little as E1,000.

Invest in total confidence

Our business is our reputation – it’s our most precious asset. We’ve put in place transparent procedures which are amongst the most rigorous in the market to audit and select projects.


Our team brings together international experts from the worlds of property, finance, law and tax. This gives the best of professional advice and opinion. Securinvest is regulated by France’s’Autorité des Marchés Financiers and legally registered as a ‘Conseiller en Investissements Participatifs’. Securinvest provides you with personalised advice and our team is available to reply to all your questions… See more



Securinvest performs detailed analysis on all aspects of several project proposals, using expert advice whenever necessary. This analysis is available for all investors. Once the analysis is finished, our selection committee meets to decide which of the projects should be given the go ahead…. See more



We won’t make money if you don’t make money. Yes, you’ve read that correctly: we are not remunerated if the investment does not achieve the projected return*. That’s what we call alignment of interests. I don’t suppose your stockbroker offers you that?…. See more



  • An innovative investment proposition offering returns above those that are common at the moment.

    Jon, Dublin, Investor
  • Simplicity incarnate.  A simple and transparent method of investing in property.

    Sean, Cork
  • Excellent returns, easy to understand and the team was able to answer all my questions.

    Aoife, Donegal
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